Recanati, the “fabulous” city of poetry

View from the top of the hill where Recanati lais

View from the top of the hill where Recanati lies

Recanati is a town and comune in the Province of Macerata. It is located on the top of a hill, from which is easy to reach both the sea and the mountains. Like other towns in Le Marche region, Recanati is the traditional “balcony city” thanks to a wide view you can enjoy from there: many towns and villages lie around and you can see them in the wide expanse of plains, hills and valleys.

Portrait of the poet Giacomo Leopardi, whose life inspired a drama movie directed by the Mario Martone

Portrait of the poet Giacomo Leopardi, whose life inspired a drama movie directed by the Mario Martone

By walking through the streets of this town you will feel strong emotions: Giacomo Leopardi was born here and visiting the places where the poet wrote his most popular poems is truly moving. The old town of Recanati is the background of a recent movie by Mario Martone titled “The Young Fabulous”, now in theaters. It is the biographical story of the brief but intense life of the poet Giacomo Leopardi (thanks to the amazing performance of the actor Elio Germano). The film was shot in the village where the poet was born and raised, so that it is easy to recognise the most significant places where he lived.

Partial view of Recanati

Partial view of Recanati

Let’s recall them together…

Casa Leopardi

Casa Leopardi

“Casa Leopardi”: is the birthplace of the poet. Even today the building is inhabited by his descendants and is open to the public. It was renovated by the architect Carlo Orazio Leopardi. The library in the building is undoubtedly impressive: it safeguards over 20,000 volumes collected by the father of the poet, Monaldo Leopardi. Looking at the desk, the chair and the shelves we can imagine the poet at work. This is also the house of Giacomo Leopardi’s personal emotions and feelings: from the difficult relationship with his parents to the unconditional love for his brother and sister, together with his everyday life and the infatuation for a young lady called Silvia.

Casa di Silvia

Silvia’s house: facing the square called “Piazzetta del Sabato del Villaggio” on the same name of the poema “Saturday in the Village”

“Saturday’s in the Village little Square”: this square in the center of the town gained this name after the famous poem of Leopardi “Il sabato del villaggio” (“Saturday in the Village”). Here the farmers met at the end of the work in the country every night, and where they also were prepared for Sunday’s rest and feast.”Casa Leopardi” had a window on this square, form where Giacomo could observe the everyday life of the people in the village and especially, his beloved Silvia.

Church of Santa Maria Montemorello

Church of Santa Maria Montemorello

“Church of Santa Maria in Montemorello” (Sixteenth century): dear to the Leopardi’s family, it has the baptismal font where Giacomo Leopardi was christened in 1798.

Memorial to the "Infinite Hill"

Memorial to the “Infinite Hill”

“The Infinite Hill”: is the summit of Mount Tabor where you can enjoy an amazing view towards the Sibillini mountains. On this hill Leopardi used to walk in search of solitude and silence, trying to get away from the social life of his family and looking for meditation. This hill inspired one of the most famous Idyllis of the poet: “The Infinite”. Inside the park there is the World Center of Poetry and Culture, venue for conventions, seminars and cultural events.

Palazzo Venieri's balcony from where you have a breathtaking view

Palazzo Venieri’s balcony from where you have a breathtaking view

Spectacoular view from Palazzo Venieri

Spectacoular view from Palazzo Venieri

“Venieri Palace”: one of the oldest buildings in town, which offers a breathtaking view and its cloister ican be seen in a brief scene of the movie. It was built for the Cardinal Venieri and designed by Giuliano da Maiano. The building, located on the highest point of the old town of Recanati and was designed as a building halfway between urban residence and castle. The courtyard opens to the wings of the hilly landscape, following a model that is often found in the architecturae of the Renaissance time in Le Marche. There is a balcony with views to the sea and above it stands a clock with the inscription “Volat irreparabile tempus”.

Inscription under the clock: "Volat irreparabile tempum"

Inscription under the clock: “Volat irreparabile tempum”

Among the other places worth a visit in Recanati, there are also…ps

“The Tower of the Lonely Sparrow”: whose pinnacle was destroided by a lightning strike in the middle of the nineteenth century and became famous by the poem “The Lonely Sparrow”.

Courtyard with view on the tower of "The lonely Sparrow"

Courtyard with view on the tower of “The lonely Sparrow”

“Mattei-Antici Palace”: the house of Leopardi’s mother, Adelaide Antici Mattei.

In addition to the “Cloistert of St. Stephen” and the “Church of St. Augustine.”

We strongly recommend you to join a guided tour that will show many places mentioned above. You will definitely love them and will learn a lot of things and also lesser-known details. The cultural center “G.Leopardi” in Recanati organizes visits throughout the year.

"Il mio amico Leopardi" by Mario Elisei

“Il mio amico Leopardi” by Mario Elisei

A special thanks to Mario Elisei, author of the interesting book called “Il mio amico Leopardi” (aka: “My friend Leopardi”).

We guarantee that if you found Giacomo Leopardi a bit boring when at school, well…you will definitely change your mind! When you are introduced to this greatest Italian poet by someone who studies his life and his works with passion, it’s no doubt you will understand and love him, too!

P.S.= If you happen to be in Recanati and would like to reach out the tourist guides from the cultural center “G. Leopardi”, here’s their contacts:

– tel. 3203077716 – 071980120

– tel. 3357240501

– tel. 3488660948


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