The magic of Xmas markets in the Marche – Xmas 2014 

CANDELE-A-CANDELARAChristmas is just roud the corner and Discovermarche is looking for gifts and decorations. Through the streets of many towns in Le Marche, you can discover a lot of wonderful Christmas markets offering the chance ‘to live the magic of the holidays’ season at a short distance from home and the possibility to enjoy traditional food and wine specialties.

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As you wander the historic streets in search of the most original gifts, your senses are tickled by the scents of freshly baked food and hot drinks: how can you resist the unique flavor of roasted chestnuts or a toast with a good mulled wine?christmas-ornaments-enhanced

You cannot resist the magic of the Xmas atmosphere you breathe, nor the charm of the lights decorating the cities of art, the emotions of the Nativity scenes, the scents and colors that fill the streets of this charming region.1462881_668271163206092_869366756_nHere’s a list of some of the upcoming events:

Christmas in Fermo

Christmas in Fermo

FERMO: “Il Villaggio di Natale” (aka: the “Christmas Village”) from 13 to december 14, 2014 – from 10.00 until 20.00 at Fermo Forum Z.I. Girola of Fermo – Entrance: Free

Second edition of the Fair of Xmas shopping and at the same time, an event for the Children. There will be exhibitors and artisans from all over Italy and with lots of gifts’ideas and Christmas decorations as well as traditional specialties to enjoy during the holidays’. Kids will enjoy several initiatives and playful entertainment organized for the occasion!

For more details, please see the official website of the event:

Il Barattolo di Natale

Il Barattolo di Natale

MACERATA: “Il Barattolo di Natale” (aka: “The Christmas Jar”) (7-8), 14 and 21 december 2014 from 8.00 untill 20.00 under the arcades and squares of the old town of Macerata

“Il Barattolo di Natale” has taken place in the old town of Macerata for many years. There will be more than 80 exhibitors, and the heart of the city will be full of colors and flavors.

In fact, in addition to a large variety of decorations, you will have the opportunity to buy handmade mangers, but also jewelery, vintage clothing and antique objects and many curiosities. You will also find traditional desserts, wines, meats and cheeses, honey, dried fruit and lots of other goodies from Le Marche region to smooth your Christmas.

Luci di Natale e Fiocchi di Neve

Luci di Natale e Fiocchi di Neve

PESARO: “Luci di Natale e Fiocchi di Neve” (aka: “Christmas Lights and Snowflakes”)

(28/29/30 November) from 10 until 24 december 2014 from 9:00 to 20:00 at Piazza del Popolo and Corso 11 Settembre

After the lightening of the Christmas tree, all Christmas celebrations will get started in Pesaro with the traditional Christmas market and its handmade creations, gifts, sweets and the typical products of the regional tradition. The market will take place in the central Piazza del Popolo and in Corso 11 Settembre.

Natale a Urbino

Natale a Urbino

URBINO: “Natale a Urbino” (aka: “Christmas in Urbino”)

During the festive period, the city of Urbino will be rich in events. In fact, from December 6 to January 6, the streets and shops of the Old Town will host exhibitions of objects, crafts and artists. The fourteenth edition of “The Ways of the Nativity” will take place, together wiht many workshops for children and shows for all ages’!

Castello di Natale - Gradara

Castello di Natale – Gradara

GRADARA: “Castello di Natale” (aka: “Christmas Castle”)

From December 6, 2014 to January 6, 2015 Animations, shows and many activities for adults and children. There will be the traditional Xmas markets, with many gift ideas and craft products in the streets of the old town. All the details about the program at:

Gustando il Natale - San Lorenzo in Campo

Gustando il Natale – San Lorenzo in Campo

SAN LORENZO IN CAMPO: “Gustando il Natale” (aka:”Enjoying the Christmas”) 14-21 December from 11.00

“Gustando il Naltale” will open Sunday december 14th at 11 in San Vito sul Cesano, a charming medieval hamlet and a panoramic terrace on the valley of Cesano. The Xmas market will take place in the evocative streets of the old town. Stars of the day will be the aphrodisiac “visciolata”, cakes, “bruschetta”, which has been attracting thousands of visitors in the small village for years, and the many excellent local wines.

Sunday december 21 the Xmas market will move in the heart of the village, in Verdi Square and nearby the streets in San Lorenzo in Campo. Among quality products, music and entertainment, visitors can warm up tasting good mulled wine and chestnuts and taste the delicious “polenta”, under the big Christmas tree. Many surprises will light up the afternoon and will delight children and their parents. Full details of the program at:

Mercatino di S.Lucia e Strenne di Natale - Fabriano

Mercatino di S.Lucia e Strenne di Natale – Fabriano

FABRIANO: “Magie del Natale” (aka: “Magic of Christmas”) december 13, 2014 in the Museum Of Paper in Largo Fratelli Spacca

On 13 december there will be the traditional appointment of St. Lucia fair, that started to take place in the nineteenth century nearby the homonymous church. 13th December has always been the starting date to decorate homes for Xmas and during the fair, many small crafts were sold for the occasion. An opportunity, then as now, to buy handcrafted characters of the Nativity scene, decorations for the table and the house and also for the tree together with many delicacies. The fair takes place in the surroundings of the Church and in the cloister of the Museum of Paper.

Another appointment is: “Strenne di Natale” 20 and 21 December 2014, in the Cloister of S. Venancio, in Cathedral Square from 10.00 to 20.00 On 20 and 21 December and the appointment ‘with the classic Christmas market, with lovely decorations, crafts and gift ideas. The Museum of the Nativity will be open in the basement of the complex of St. Benedict in the old town by Fabrizio Ciccolini.

Candele a Candelara - Candelara

Candele a Candelara – Candelara

CANDELARA: “Candles in Candelara”

The appointment with the charming Christmas markets in Candelara continues this weekend. Last chance to visit the charming village in a Christmas setting on 13 and 14 december. Find out more details about this amazing event by reading our last post on our blog at:

209824_466294633403747_102010290_oSo what are you waiting for to join us and share the excitement of the Christmas markets in Le Marche region together?


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