The ‘Pincinelle’ made in Fabrica del Gusto!

10694451_1648963445330558_8483444268973980224_oAs promised, here we are talking again about the cooking school ‘Fabrica del Gusto’ in Fabriano, and above all, about the special recipe we cooked and ate together with all other friends at the end of the class. That was so much fun! The “pincinelle”, a traditional pasta of Fabriano and of course…of Le Marche region!

When our grandmothers and great-grandmas made bread, usually once a week, they used to keep a part of the dough to prepare the ‘pincinelle’. It was considered a ‘poor’ pasta, since it was made without eggs and inexpesive ingredients.

However, we assure you that ‘pincinelle’ pasta is really delicious! Ready?

pincinelle 065Whole-wheat pincinelle with artichokes and bacon…and, of course, the classic sprinkle of Parmesan cheese!

Ingredients for 4 people:

300 grams of bleached flour

100 grams of stone-ground whole wheat flour

150 grams of yeast

A pinch of salt

Water as much as needed

pincinelle 019Mix all the ingredients together and add water as much as needed and obtain a consistent dough.

pincinelle 029Take small pieces of dough and roll them on the cutting board until you get some thin ‘wires’ of pasta.

pincinelle 032Cut each of them at an approximate lenght of 5-6 cm, using a knife or rubbing your hands.

pincinelle 034Cook in boiling salted water for a few minutes…

pincinelle 038…then drain and mix with seasonal ingredients.

pincinelle 048We chose artichokes and local bacon!

pincinelle 070Enjoy!


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