Varnelli: the best Italian Dry Anise!

The event everybody was waiting for has started finally: Milan Expo 2015. This is an important showcase to introduce our country to the world, particularly for all those people who are still not informed about the great turistic offers and beauty of the magnificent Marche region. Let’s continue our introductory journey through the high profile producers that will represent the Marche during the Universal Exposition. In the spotlight this week, is the famous and international Distilleria Varnelli, one of the most famous Italian brands in the world.Logo-Varnelli

Distilleria Varnelli was founded in 1868 by Girolamo Varnelli. Its founder lived in the heart of the Sibillini Mountains – now a National Park – where he studied local medicinal plants. He derived from his knowledge the idea for an elixir with antimalarial and antipyretic properties thanks to its high content of Gentiana Lutea and China Calyssaia: such an effective remedy was Amaro Sibilla, which recalled in its name the prophetess Sibilla and her legends.

Il liquore "Amaro Sibilla" di Girolamo Varnelli

The “Amaro Sibilla” by Girolamo Varnelli

The company was the very firts in the Marche region to obtain a license for the processing of alcoholic products, the Lic. UTF n.1 In more than 140 years, Distilleria Varnelli has constantly developed, by introducing new products, acquiring new markets and establishing itself as a leader in the strong and refined liquors branch.

Historic picture of a Varnelli  ad billboard

Historic picture of a Varnelli ad billboard

At the beginning of the 20th Century his son Antonio moved the company to Pievebovigliana and decided to enrich the products line with additional specialties, above all valuing and sophisticating the traditional recipe of “mistrà” which was very popular in the Marche.

The popular and recognizable label of the "Varnelli - the dry anise"

The popular and recognizable label of the “Varnelli – the dry anise”

He then created ‘Varnelli Anice Secco’a unique flavor among Mediterranean aniseed drinks. First awarded in 1950 as “the best italian dry anise”. It has become identified with the brand name itself: Varnelli.


Original ad from the 50’s

In an interview in 2011, the Italian singer Zucchero Fornaciari recalls his close friendship with Luciano Pavarotti and brings to mind their meeting in the tenor’s house in New York: “I remember Luciano dozing in an armchair with his big cigar and a small glass of Varnelli, the special dry anise“.

10419585_779774628779919_5242085020659770705_n‘First choise for a laced-coffee’, the Varnelli is able to bring younger and older generations together. In those bottles is the culture and tradition of the Marche, the majestic simplicity of the Sibillini area, and the geography of their valleys, where the cultivated hills reach the sea.

"Monti Sibillini" also known as "Monti Azzurri" (aka "Blue Mountains")

“Monti Sibillini” also known as “Monti Azzurri” (aka “Blue Mountains”)

But there is also the history of a family that, for four generations, has driven a company combining tradition and innovation, and now conquering international markets.

The Varnelli Family

The Varnelli Family

Today, Distilleria Varnelli is a joint-stock company entirely owned by the Varnelli heirs, who are the fourth generation leading the business: Elda (Chairman of the Board), Gigliola Simonetta, Mari Donatella and Orietta Maria (CEOs of the different management areas)

The Marche is a land full of high quality productions, of excellence and tradition, and the famous Distilleria Varnelli is an important asset for the region. Through its renown, the Italian pavillion will attract visitors and promote our region and its excellence throughout the world.

image001Our Thanks to the extraordinary commitment of this company and great help in promoting our land worldwide!

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