Learn how to cook the Italian way in Ithaca, New York

For a long time, engaging in the kitchen and cooking hasn’t been the ambition of women. Over the years, thanks to the efforts of professional chefs, TV shows and social events such as Expo Milan 2015, many people have realized the importance of healthy food and have agreed the culinary art is a heritage for all of us. 1510556_1648964938663742_2119990877209886944_nGood food has started to be considered in a modern and positive way, as an important value to be passed down. Learning to cook “as our mothers did” has become tremendously charming and chic, not only for women but also for men!

Italian cooking classes at "Fabrica del Gusto" in Fabriano (Marche region)

Italian cooking classes at “Fabrica del Gusto” in Fabriano (Marche region)

A growing number of American tourists choose to visit places where they have the opportunity to join cooking classes of learn about local cuisine. Italy’s top rated for culinary vacations.

But what if for some reasonyou can’t travel?


The food blogger Emma Frisch is the owner and fonder of the http://www.emmafrisch.com website

You can still learn to cook from a food blogger with Italian roots!

Discovermarche met Emma Frisch, owner of the Frisch Kitchen -Ithaca, New York- and tasted for you the “Classic Italian Meatballs with Spaghetti and homemade Tomato Sauce”, as suggested by our dear friend Emma.


“Classic Italian Meatballs with Spaghetti and homemade Tomato Sauce”

Check out the original recipe at Emma Frisch official cooking website by clicking on the link below:


10210_358711934246950_1599460113_nFor more recise by Emma, please visit her amazing food blog. You will fall in love, as we did!



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