Discovermarche about Marche is Good

hp-slideshow-2Art, music, timeless beauty, outstanding products and artistic heritage. Try to combine all these elements and add the experience of prestigious testimonials and then you come up with…

Marche is Good! b762cc37139e16e7f637867d76a47b77

The awareness of living in an exclusive land full of charm, whose landscapes will never be forgotten after visiting, has given the opportunity to 52 local companies from the Marche region to create a network aimed at its promotion. Professionals, artists, manufacturers and artisans, thanks to their skills, want to tell about our region and spread its traditions, taking personally the lead of the projects.

One of the most important event took place in New York City on October 2013

One of the most important event took place in New York City on October 2013

By organizing different events, the team of Marche is Good aim to highlight the excellence of the Marche region, especially abroad, informing and promoting the authentic experience any tourist will experience when visiting our amazing region. Partners operationg in different fields but with the same goal. A winning formula to promote the treasure of this unique and exclusive land. 2361732-marchesIt’s a great pleasure for Discovermarche to collaborate with this commendable organization: the beginning of a long journey together. Thanks!

Marche: Good Food, Good Life, Good People! Marche is …… Good !!!

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