Summer Jamboree in Senigallia…the Hottest Rockin’ Holiday on Earth!

Summer Jamboree_FB_2015The fantastic 50’s: the years of changes and rebellion, the backdrop years to many genius in art and memorable public personalities, the years of technological innovations and products imported from America, of home appliances and the first TVs. The years of hope in the future!

Who among us does not remember the legendary Fonzie and his friends of Happy Days? The beautiful Jeames Dean and Elvis Presley?bw

To celebrate the wonder of these years that have never stopped to make people dream, Senigallia hosts the Summer Jamboree, an International Music Festival founded in 2000 and focused on the music of those glorious years. This is the most important event in Europe and the second one worldwide.

The legendary juke-box

The legendary juke-box


Are you missing the poodle skirts, the leather jackets, the Juke box and the vinyl records? Then, you cannot miss this unique event, where you can find many stalls selling everything related to the culture of the 50’s. It’s the Rockin’Village, the largest memorabilia VINTAGE MARKET.1456097_766959849982022_1149956235_n

Do you want to style your quiff to look like Danny Zuco, the gorgeous leader of the Thunderbirds in Grease? To go back in time, the hairdressers of the Parrucchieria Old Style are ready to style and cut your hair with a 50’s flair.

Photo credit: Summer Jamboree Official

Photo credit: Summer Jamboree Official

Have you ever dreamt of dancing like Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in the movie that most celebrates this rebellion time? 10154416_785994041411936_2939349014740739569_nIf the answer is yes, and if at least once in life you have tried to be like Sandy and her friends, then you can to take a dance lesson from the great international teachers of the Dance Camp. 2015Established musicians and new promises from Italy and abroad (USA, England, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, France), will tune your performance with their live concerts.

Foto credit: Michele Telari Source: Summer Jamboree Official

Photo credit: Michele Telari
Source: Summer Jamboree Official

If you always wanted to mark your skin with a curvy Pin Up tattoo, the dream of generation of sailors, the Travel Ink Tatooes, the mobile tattoo studio of Greg Gregory, who inside his vintage Airstream van, will be on hand for the duration of the Festival!

Greg Gregory Tattoo

Greg Gregory Tattoo

Leading the XVI edition of the Summer Jamboree with a concert (free admission) exclusively, and for the first time in Italy, will be Bobby Brooks Wilson-Use.gary bonds_p

The International Festival of American music and culture of the 40s and 50s which has been held for 16 years, is scheduled for August 1 to 9 2015 (free admission) with a preview at the Rocca Roveresca on Friday, July 31.10476133_910782878933051_5526123164128550947_nEvery day there will be the “Late Festival” event at the Rotonda a Mare (entrance fee), except Friday 7 when the Burlesque Show will take place at the Teatro La Fenice.burlesque_2015The Summer Jamboree does not only tell about the music of the 40s and 50s, but also about the culture that made that time a milestone in many other areas such as fashion, design, art.1017464_766959896648684_16208727_n A “party” for all people who want to have fun in a carefree way and loose themselves in a surreal atmosphere where the magic of sounds, colors and flavors of America in the 40s and 50s once a year take over. 1779184_769212369756770_1118465063_nThe mood you will live and breathe in those days is just a summary of this. Thousands of people of every race, social class and age share a real magic.303314_459270550750955_147596385_n

The SUMMER JAMBOREE, International Festival of music and culture the 40s and 50s, is organized by the Cultural Summer Jamboree and sponsored by the City of Senigallia with the participation of the Marche Region, the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona and the cooperation of private sponsors. Ethical partner Lega del Filo d’Oro.

To get more info about the program, please click: here


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