The “Juttenizie” festival in Grottammare Alta: an unforgettable experience!

One of my best Italian friend lives in USA for over 15 years. Every year we meet in Italy during summer vacation and last year she suggested to attend an event I want to talk about: “Le Juttenizie, Ghiottonerie nel Borgo” (aka: “The Juttenizie festival: Gluttony in the Village”)

Flier of the event "Juttenzie - Ghiottonerie nel Borgo" 2015 edition

Flier for the third edition of the event “Juttenzie – Ghiottonerie nel Borgo 2015′

So, after a few days out together to visit the most unusual places of the Marche Region, Barbara and Alex asked my husband and I to join them to Grottammare Alta and enjoy a touring dinner in the old town. I did not know what to expect, even if I knew for certain that it was something related to food and no further clue.

Walk to the old town of Grottammare Alta

Streets to the old town of Grottammare Alta

On arrival, we started walking to the entrance of the village and, for that occasion, we headed to the ticket office. One thousand coupons are for sale and can be bought at the entrance of the festival, providing the access to all locations of the route.049-juttenizie-31-08-2014-primo-giorno

I wasn’t expecting so many people there, since the event was only at its second edition. Instead, we ended up walking trought the alleys that lead to the old town along with crowds coming from everywhere.

Photo Credit: Umberto Marconi

Photo Credit: Umberto Marconi

The soft lights of the street lamps in Grottammare Alta brings out the beauty of the village and provide an enchanted and unique atmosphere. The view of the sea to the sky is the backdrop for this walk and truly gives a feeling of bliss.

Spectacular view from Grottammare Alta

Spectacular view from Grottammare Alta at night

We were provided a shoulder bag for the glasses and a glass for wine tasting. With this ‘equiment’, we started our tour of restaurants in the old town including 7 completed tastings, one for each restaurant offering their specialties. From starters, to main dishes and even deserts.

Falerio wine and stuffed olive ascolana: only one of the many delicious specialty from the Marche tradition that you will taste during the Juttenzie event

‘Falerio wine’ and stuffed ‘olive ascolana’: one of the many delicious specialties from the Marche tradition that you will find at the Juttenizie festival

Every tasting comes with a glass of wine of your choice, white or red, carefully selected and matched to dish and choosed among various local labels.

The wine glass: essential to taste different local wines

The wine glass: part of the ‘essential equipement’ to taste different local wines

The tour is so well organized that you can walk trough the village discovering beautiful small stores and charming craft workshops in the area. Fascinating musical performances liven up every stop of the tour: musicians and performers, unusual and extraordinarily skilled artists will bring you in an atmosphere from the past.

One of the many events organized in the old city of Grottammare Alta

Live music under the stars: one of the incredible events organized in the old city of Grottammare Alta during the Juttenizie festival

The Juttenizie festival was born from the commitment of the “Paese Alto di Grottammare”, an organization that brings together all the exhibitors and the companies operating in this small village overlooking the sea. 046 Juttenizie 31-08-2014 primo giornoTheir main aim is to promote the area and its local products that, in this particular area of the Marche region, are a real plus. The Juttenzie festival will take place on 3 different dates: August 30, September 6 and 13 starting at 6pm.

Photo credit: Umberto Marconi

Photo credit: Umberto Marconi

This is not just a food and wine event. The Juttenizie festival is an absolute experience, an adventure in the culinary world, an interesting cultural opportunity and a fascinating musical experience!

Photo Crecit: Umberto Marconi

Photo Crecit: Umberto Marconi


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