September in the Marche and the XIII edition of the International Festival of Broth and Fish Soups in Fano

Who says the best season to visit the Marche is the summer?

For sure this is a region mainly known to tourists for its beautiful beaches and parks to visit. Also, everybody knows the great food tradition in Italy and the Marche is rich in specialties mostly celebrated with many festivals on July and August.

However, September is the month that celebrates the art of cooking the most!

And since I am a lover of eating well, as most of our readers, I’d like to recommend one of the “coolest” event for this weekend: “Il Festival Internazionale del Brodetto e delle zuppe di pesce!” (aka: “The International Festival of broth and fish soups!”)11262280_854695181273759_4664400117848089318_n

In Fano, a city that hosts many other successfull events, it will kick off the thirteenth edition of this culinary festival, which is much more than a gathering event where you just eat. 11752544_854695131273764_5998182974211900941_n

Indeed, visitors will have the opportunity to experience delicious moments and take part to five extraordinary cooking shows, well-established events where the kitchen is considered as a creative and spectacular act, a magical experiment somewhere between a large catering service and a TV studio.

One of the many cooking events held in the 'Palabrodetto' in occasion of the Festival

One of the many cooking events held in the ‘Palabrodetto’ on occasion of the Festival

In the kitchen of the Palabrodetto, there will be some celebrated chefs from the MasterChef and other TV cooking shows, together with award-winning chefs from renowned restaurants like:

Giuseppe Mancino (Il Piccolo Principe restaurant in Viareggio, 2 Michelin stars), Amelia Falco (from the MasterChef show, 4th edition) and Vittoria Truffa (from Junior MasterChef, 2nd edition), Valentina Scarnecchia (from the TV cooking show ‘Cuochi e Fiamme’, aka: ‘Cooks and Flames’) and Federica Giuliani (from Giallo Zafferano), Pasquale Torrente (‘Al Convento’ restaurant in Cetara, SA) and Nikita Sergeev ( ‘L’Arcade’ restaurant in Porto San Giorgio).IMG_2738

The Marche Region is the richest in Italy for local fish soups: 4 very different recipes can be found in different towns like Fano, Ancona, Porto Recanati and San Benedetto.IMG_2231

Even wines from the Marche will be celebrated on this occasion. In fact, “L’Istituto Marchigiano di Tutela Vini” (aka: ‘the Marche Protection Wines Foundation’) renews its partnership with the festival, combining dishes of Italian and foreign chefs and bloggers to local wines like: the doc Bianchello Metauro, Colli Pesaresi and Pergola.

Panoramic view of the beachfront of Fano (the Lido)

Panoramic view of the beachfront of Fano (the Lido)

With still pleasant temperatures during this time of the year, you will enjoy wonderful outdoor evenings, taste real local dishes and explore the flavors of the Marche tradition.

Dear friends, don’t miss this appointment that will make you forget summer…is ending!

A special thanks to the team of the Festival in Fano. Please check out more about all the upcoming events of the festival at:



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