Fried eggs with turnip greens and … black truffles!

10382272_900950216650733_5919627831778522017_oDuring our visit to the Truffle Fair in Acqualagna I could not resist and got real truffles!

Right away, I called our dear friends from Fabrica del Gusto, Silvia and Donatella, to advice an easy recipe to bring out the flavor of my truffles!tmainTruffles (1)

This is a very simple recipe, each of you can make at home once you’ll get the most precious ingredient…truffles!2015-11-13 12.45.51

So let’s get started! Put some sliced toasted bread in a ramakin and add the turnips tops boiled to perfection, then salted and seasoned with a little extra virgin olive oil from Le Marche. Soak some vegetable broth on the bread and then set the turnip greens with a fried egg on top. Simply grate plenty of fresh black truffle and…enjoy!tgrating-black-truffle---luxirare-(X2) (1)

A tip: eat immediately so that the heat will bring out the most of the flavor of your truffles!

"Buon Appetito!"

With few ingredients and in short time, you’ll be able to serve a very special meal!

Don’t forget truffles can be used to enrich any dish: from appetizer and main dishes, especially meat. Before going back to New York I really have to find out more recipes like this!

Luckly, nature gives us treasures of immense value and…taste!

“Buon Appetito!”


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