‘Le Marche nel bicchiere 2016’: an essential book for wine lovers

Holidays are coming up and I’ve started feeling more nostalgie. I was thinking about how my blog Discovermarche gives me the opportunity to enjoy the charm and beauty of my land while writing about it for readers who have not visited it yet.

Maybe you really need to lose what you have before understanding how much it’s worth. And this is not only true for people.

I love New York. This city welcomed me and is now part of my life. Everyone should visit it at least once in their lifetime. However, now more than ever, I’m really proud of being Italian and, above all, to be born and raised in the Marche region.

Today I’d like to talk about something often overlooked from my region, a wealth sometimes neglected: the wine.vino-765x415

Wine is something that really identifies a land, thanks to its uniqueness and to the inability to be reproduced. Telling about a wine means telling about its land, and the features of its production area.

The wine has the power to enhance a territory, to make it known and being appreciated to the rest of the world.

Photo Credit: Enzo Torelli

Photo Credit: Enzo Torelli

Unfortunately, the manufacturer is rarely seen as a supporter of the territory. However, it is the love that binds the winemaker to his land that makes every tasted sip the mirror of the place where it comes from.1969243_372911632852060_289172255_n

To learn about the qualities of the nectar produced in this region, I asked for help to an organization called ‘AIS Marche’. The ‘Italian Sommelier Association’ was founded back in the 70’s with the purpose of spreading the culture of wine and to set expert professionals through qualification courses, wine tastings, themed seminars and study tours at the wineries.

The greatest pride of AIS Marche organization are the ‘Sommeliers Marche Magazine ‘and the book ‘Le Marche nel Bicchiere’ (aka: “Le Marche in a glass”) whose launch for the year 2016, will be held at the theater of Materica (MC) on December 13.12314649_638272972982590_4049188718571548864_o

This book is the result of the tasting of wines and sparkling wines from cellars of the Marche region that have joined this project. The professional tasting board of the AIS Marche examined samples, assessing a wine sensory evaluation and analysis and suggesting the best combination with different plates.10679532_521211384688750_128009160972615592_o

This guide is an absolutely essential tool for professionals and wine lovers to learn about the offer of the most important food products in the Marche region.copertina-2016_3635

Our thanks today go to all the winemakers who, with their daily commitment, preserve the values and traditions of the land where they belong.

Special thanks to friends of AIS and AIS Marche, who take charge of appreciating and enhancing the quality of our country.

For further info, please visit: www.aismarche.it


3 thoughts on “‘Le Marche nel bicchiere 2016’: an essential book for wine lovers

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  2. I’m so happy to know you like my posts and my blog is helping people to ‘discover’ my beautiful region: Le Marche!
    That’s the goal and I really wish you were able to come over and visit the area one day soon! Thanks for your support:-)

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