Comunanza: the Longevity Village

The secret for a healthy life is a combination of different things: the diet, the lifestyle and the territory…find out more about the town of ‘Comunanza’ in Le Marche, better known as the “Longevity Village”.


Panoramic view of Comunanza Panoramic view of Comunanza

We are more and more interested in learning about how the territory, lifestyle and diet, can influence the well-being and human health. And since thousands of our readers have expressed the same interest, Discovermarche went to Comunanza, a small village in the province of Ascoli Piceno.

Coming from a big city like New York and founding ourselves in Comunanza, made us feel in a place where time passes slowly and where people live respecting the rhythms of nature.

Comunanza: in the past and today Comunanza: in the past and today

Surrounded by a leafy landscape, the enviroment of Comunanza is favorably influenced by woods and expanses of the Aso Valley, close to the Apennines (mountains). The food is almost exclusively local and people are used to follow a simple and natural diet here. This town is renowned in Italy as well as abroad to be the European-record holder of longevity. Two centenarian…

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