Lu Bov Fint -1…

Manca soltanto un giorno all’attesissimo evento de “Lu Bov Fint” a Offida. Vogliamo condividere con voi questo video per mostrarvi in anteprima i suoi momenti salienti! Discover!

Less than one day to the most awaited event of “Lu Bov Fint” in Offida. We’d like to share with you this video to show you the most important moments of this unique event. Check it out!

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4 thoughts on “Lu Bov Fint -1…

  1. Love it! Looks exciting and a little wild like IMIX! Plus, quite a job for the guy who wears the costume! I thought I was already following you – you’ve been such a support to me – in lak’ech, Debra

    • Thanks Debra! It is really an important tradition for people living here. Rather than a ‘job’, something they are really proud and take care of, year after year, handing down this local event from generation to generation.
      People form Offida just love it and they wait for this time of the year to renew their engagement to their town and their historical roots.
      Please keep following to find out more about the traditions from Le Marche region in Italy! Your support means a lot:-)

  2. Yes same for me. I clicked ” follow” and I says I am, but I missed two posts
    So the festival is under way – hows the weather.
    It should be under the hot Italian sun shouldn’t it ?????
    Love the videos….

  3. I’m so sorry to hear you were not updated about my latest new posts…please keep following to ‘discover’ more about Le Marche region and its tradition…a new post is coming out tomorrow!
    By the way, it’s almost Spring time already in Italy right now: sunny days and mild temperatures over there…sooo good!:-)

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