A nice story of an English family expat…in the Marche (Italy)!

Today I’d like to share this interesting interview of an expat English family to Le Marche in Italy. Keep reading and you’ll find out more about their move to Le Marche region in 2012!


Empire Stae Building in Italian colors Empire Stae Building of NYC in Italian colors

I’m an Italian girl from the Marche, living now in New York. As an expat I often get homesick. I’m not only missing people I love, but also the places were I used to live for so many years. I love my new life, but in my mind I relive the wonders of my land.

Martin, David and their son George Martin, David and their son George

dsc_0664 The Roccolo Cottage

Meeting Martine and David Albon, owners of the Roccolo Holiday Cottage in Ascoli Piceno (Italy), was like sharing the same experience with friends. I was very curious to know how and why a family that comes from a prosperous country like the UK, has decided to leave everything and to try to live abroad.

I’ll tell you their experience…

1) Where are you both originally from and when/where did you move to Le Marche? Did you move…

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11 thoughts on “A nice story of an English family expat…in the Marche (Italy)!

    • Ahahah!!!
      I believe any country is unique in a different way and you can always find beautiful places and different interesting culture, when travelling.
      However, it is such a different story to wish to move to a new place and to start living a new life.
      You really have to fall in love…deeply! “Long live Le Marche!”

      • I think if you find a place… its in your bones. I feel like that about Africa. I cant wait to go back there ( although I wasn’t born there) and when I return, even if just for holiday, I feel I have come home. Odd, really..

      • Pretty interesting, though. Sounds like a sort of ‘attraction’ as it happens with people. Maybe is the same also for places: we can literally fall in love with! Somehow it’s ‘a kind of magic’…Thanks for sharing!

  1. I enjoyed reading about your home town, and I can see why you would miss it so much. I grew up in New York City, and can understand how you feel, as I’ve been away from my home town since 1989.

    Thank you for visiting me at Quantum Hermit and following our adventures.

    • Thanks Fimnora! Moving to a new country and a new city is like changing your life somehow.
      This brings different experiences into your life from what you’ve always had before.
      Sometimes you feel like you’ve just left behind too many things and you miss them: it’s because of your roots and you feel you still belong to them.
      Still there are also so many good things that come with a change.
      I believe keep being positive wherever you are is the key and, it always helps.
      To me writing this blog is a way to share my passion for my hometown with other people and to feel closer to it, somehow.
      Please keep following! I’ll certainly do the same with your lovely Quantum Hermit!:-)

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