“The Guardian” picked Le Marche in their latest 2016’s travel hot list!

What a great surprise!

Two days ago, my dear friend Johanna who lives in London, called me to make sure I read the news: the famous British newspaper “The Guardian” just published a new article in their travel section, picking Le Marche as one of the world’s best places to go on holiday in 2016! 

The Marche region

The Marche region

…In fact, I had not read the article yet! So, I immediately checked out the link! (click here if you want to read it, too!) 

Our region has been promoted more and more often lately. Even so, it is still a land that hasn’t been explored that much and hasn’t been crowded by millions of tourists, as for many other destinations in Italy. This is probably one of the main reason why Le Marche is so attracting to most travelers once they come here: discovering new and upredictable beautiful places. And escape from the chaos of the major “Big Cities”.

National Park of the Sibillini Mountains, Photo Credit: Enzo Torelli

National Park of the Sibillini Mountains, Photo Credit: Enzo Torelli

While reading the Guardian, I just remembered about another recent news in the local press informing that the Lufthansa airlines have just announced a new route from Monaco of Bavaria to the Ancona Falconara airport starting in April 2016. Even if this itinerary responds mainly to economic needs, due to the many entrepreneurial excellences in Le Marche that are opening up to foreign markets, this is a sign of increased exposure in tourism, as well.

With stunning landscape,

A spectacular view from the arcades close to Piazza Perretti

A spectacular view from the arcades close to Piazza Perretti in Grottammare Alta

artistic and…

The Flagellation Piero della Francesca, tem- pera on panel, XV century, Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, Urbino

The Flagellation by Piero della Francesca, Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, Urbino

…natural excellence,

Mezzavalle Photo Credit: Enzo Torelli

Photo Credit: Enzo Torelli

as well as unique local wine and food…10441190_574435096038985_1158720404562595827_n…and one of the most important manufacturing district in the country: Le Marche are in the hearts of the most demanding tourists!

And to quote what a famous art historian said during the last edition of the BIT (International Travel Fair) held in Milan last February:

“The beauty of Le Marche is the proof of God’s existence!”

… well, I cannot say more!

Stone balancing on the beach of the Torre of Porto-Novo, Ancona Photo Credit: Enzo Torelli

Stone balancing on the ‘Torre’ beach in Portonovo, Ancona
Photo Credit: Enzo Torelli

Another very interesting article on Le Marche in ‘The Guardian’“How to do Le Marche, Italy, on a budget”, for all of you who would love to know more!




49 thoughts on ““The Guardian” picked Le Marche in their latest 2016’s travel hot list!

  1. When my husband and I are settled back in France we intend to take a long tour of Italy – right round the coast and inland when the mood takes us. This as a result of the fact that I lived in Rome in the 1980s and explored some but not as much as I should have done and that my husband who is one of the best travelled people I have ever met has only been to Turin and Milan. le Marche is now on the list of places we will linger. Thank you for this lovely introduction and I am very glad the Guardian has its wits about it sufficiently to recommend your lovely area to the masses 🙂

  2. So glad I found your site!Thanks for following me, I tried to follow you before but could not understand Spanish and didn’t see where I could change it into English! So glad I checked again! I LOVE ITALY!!! My husband and I fell in love with it when we visited Venice in 2014, we so want to go back and explore all the other areas. La Marche looks and sounds beautiful!

    • Joy, thanks so much for visiting my blog!
      So happy you love Italy and hope that you’ll find my blog interesting even if I’m more focused on my region: Le Marche.
      I’ve decided to start writing about it because I realized many people don’t know about this area, which is still not so popular abroad, but definitely very beautiful and welcoming! I hope you’ll keep following to find out more!
      Thanks again and have to say that your blog is very lovely, too.
      A presto,

    • Lita, you’re very welcome!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Urbino is simply magic!
      Please find out about other inspirational places in Le Marche region…there’s a lot to discover!
      Ciao, Isa:-)

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