Loreto: City of Peace

This Sunday Easter is here!
I want to share this old post about the town of Loreto: a holy and spiritual destination in Le Marche, that people from all over the world visit every year!


20150329_140644 2Since we are getting closer to the Holy Week, we’ve decided to head towards the town of Loreto to experience both the artistic and cultural heritage of this elegant and sophisticated city and, above all, its religious and spiritual side.

Loreto...panoramic view from above! Loreto…panoramic view from above!


You start feeling the majesty of this place even before reaching it and as soon as you can see the hill on which stands the Sanctuary of the Holy House. The Shrine is the most famous church in the Marche region and is visited by about 4 million people every year.1781680_681499865226628_1569322654_oAs we walk the city streets towards the beautiful ‘Piazza della Madonna’, we are stunned by the respectful silence that surrounds us, just like entering another dimension. At the center of the square is a fountain of the ‘600s. It gave the possibility to the pilgrims coming to Loreto to wash after long days…

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