A day trip to discover the Monte Sibilla with Martine from the Roccolo in Ascoli Piceno

“The other day I reached out to my friend Martine from the Roccolo Holiday Cottage in Ascoli Piceno (you can read the interview to this beautiful English expat family: here)  Among other things, we ended up talking about an amazing hike Martine and her family had in the Sibillini mountains some months ago. The description was so enchanting that she promised she was going to write a post about that day trip! So, she did and today I’m happy to share this post of hers with you…be aware, you might want to come over here, you too!”

One day in Autumn we drove from our home into the nearby Sibillini mountains for a walk. We headed for the Rifugio Sibilla, not far from Montefortino. Having driven up the steep gravel track we parked outside the Refuge and headed up the small path to the ridge behind that then leads (mainly) gently up to the peak of Monte Sibilla. I say mainly as the peak is at 2173m, which is no small mountain! DSC_2842-15There is also an old road which leads up the side of the mountain and then approaches the peak from behind, a longer route and gentler again, but not as spectacular in it’s views.

The first part of the route is the steepest but after 45 minutes we arrived on the ridge next to a small false peak. George was elated as he thought he had made it….but no.DSC_2856-17

Then started a beautiful walk slowly upwards through shifting cloud towards the distant peak, and it is distant, but at least we could always see what we were heading for! DSC_2843-31

DSC_2867-29One of the beauties of these mountains is the constantly changing weather, which can also make them dangerous, but on this day allowed us to look over the cloud to the southern side of the ridge whilst looking down clearly on the Eremo di San Leonardo on the northern side!DSC_2883-21

We lunched in the sun on the peak whilst enjoying views all the way to Gran Sasso, the highest peak in the Apennines, although our nearer views were limited!DSC_2880-25

On the way back down we all found ourselves with halos. We love the weather here!DSC_2891-23The walk is about 5km total with 650m climb and took us 5 hours including breaks and lunch stop. It does require a certain level of fitness as for any high mountain walk. There is one very short exposed section with a fixed wire for support but otherwise is a steady ridge walk. We chose to return the way we had gone up but a circular walk can be achieved by continuing over the peak, along the ridge until the aforementioned track is met, which will lead you back down to the refuge by a longer route.
Monte Sibilla is in the Monte Sibillini mountains, an hour’s drive from Il Roccolo Ascoli Piceno. For more information on the area or on staying with us please visit our website http://www.roccoloascoli.com 

Martin, David and their son George

Martine, David and their son George

“Thank you Martine for sharing this extremely interesting post and absolutely gorgeous pictures! Now I just want to go there…would you like to come with me?”


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