Conte Leopardi: when wine and territory become one passion!

Every time I go back to Italy I cannot resist the lot of delicacies I find here! The temptations are just way too many!

During my last stay in Spring, I decided to go to a fitness center to keep fit before Summer and, above all, not to give up the delights of my land! Right here I met Lidia, wife of Count Piervittorio Leopardi Dittajuti, who is also the owner of the vineyard company “Conte Leopardi”.

Lidia e Piervittorio, titolari dell'Azienda Agricola Conte Leopardi Dittajuti

Lidia and Piervittorio, owner of the Conte Leopardi Dittajuti

The old family emblem showing a leopard that bears a cross

The old family emblem showing a leopard that bears a cross. The roots of this family are old and rich of history

In Numana, the spouse are leading their family farm with great success. I told Lidia of my blog Discovermarche, where I’m often writing about the Conero’s Riviera and how deeply ‘in love’ I am with this beautiful location in Le Marche. So Lidia invited me to visit their winery and vineyards, to find out more about the many delights grown in this area. Besides one of the most evocative areas on Adriatic Sea, the Conero’s Riviera also benefits from a special geological and climatic features. And this region has promoted vine growing since ancient times, always guaranteeing a very high quality of grape.

Panoramic view of the Conero's Riviera

Panoramic view of the Conero’s Riviera

The Conte Leopardi consider their vineyards as the winery’s engines: ensuring the whole chain of production they create their wines exclusively from their own grapes. The company has 45 hectares of vineyards located at the foot of Mount Conero, a step away from the Adriatic Sea.

Beautiful sunset on the Conte Leopardi's vineyards

Beautiful sunset on the Conte Leopardi’s vineyards

In the vineyards there about 4500 plants per hectare and they use to make proper pruning, to reduce the production of grape and improve the quality. The soil, which is rich in marl and limestone, the perfect exposure to the South, and the Mediterranean and breezy climate help the winery to produce extraordinary and intense wines. All these features are perfect for the grapes and provide intense qualities, perfect to give a good structure to the wines.12079838_1673444362892971_3607344491431779317_o

The Rosso Conero DOC, is one of the main traditional wine made from grapes here and it’s available in three different labels. The most important, called the “Pigmento” and aged in barriques, is a dark ruby-garnet red, a velvety wild cherry aroma full flavor. This is the most important wine of the winery, and has a powerful, full-bodied and elegant aroma.11540896_1635332580037483_7886318976406871844_n Then there is a selection from the “Coppo Vineyards”, located in Sirolo, which is the most traditional, while the “Fructus” is a modern and fruit-driven red wine, very pleasant to drink. Another important red wine is the “Casirano” made fromboth indigenous and international grapes varieties, which make this wine subtle in taste and light in colour.731135_0509f68cbe3d4f8193695de5e331c3f1

Among the white wines made from Sauvignon grapes, there are the “Bianco del Coppo”, floral and fruity,11206685_1616392888598119_6867532782623757939_o and the “Calcare” (aka:”Limestone”), very rich and with an intense and persistent taste.2016-25-7--11-47-06

Finally, there’s also a the sparkling white wine named “Villa Marina”, with fine bubbles and citrus notes.BOTTIGLIE NUOVE 2016

Besides the wines, the vineyard also make their own Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The harvest is handpicked and cold squeezed. These are the ingredients for high quality oil that keeps all the flavours and nutritional values. The Conte Leopardi olive oil is in fact full of polyphenols -very important antioxidants important for everyone’s health and well-being.10835467_1617620758475332_5504004135225120139_o

What struck me the most during my visit to the Conte Leopardi winery is a tangible link between the Leopardi spouse and their territory. The way Piervittorio and Lidia talk about their vineyard you can perceive their deep love and respect for their land.

Numana, 13/09/2006. Il conte Piervittorio Leopardi dittajiuti nella sua casa e nella sua azienda vitivinicola. PH: Luca Zanoni/CLICPHOTO

The Count Piervittorio Leopardi Dittajiuti taking care of his vineyards.

That is why I am particularly pleased to write about the Conte Leopardi: a terrific company, where tradition joins modernity and Hi-Tec. Conte Leopardi’s cellar is covered in solar panels and uses only eco-friendly machineries, supporting the vineyard’s health and growth. 731135_37ecc8596c6942c8844a11d7818057b511217803_1616386641932077_4538198931658207331_nIn addition to being a food lover, I also appreciate good wine. After visiting the estate and their vineyards, I had a unique and unforgettable experience during the wine tasting of the winery Conte Leopardi. Thanks to Sara, one of the sommelier who takes care of the wine shop’s customers.731135_1a084ecd7e00448298938e0e51a612d7.png_srz_1338_893_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz731135_07731ea2e41e447aa02b563bdce7ffb6~mv2.jpg_srz_1349_455_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzIf you also would like to find out more about the flavors of this land and the products of this company, you can book your tasting at the Conte Leopardi winery website: here.

A tip: do not miss the “Pigmento DOCG” wine…that’s just stunning!IMG_1311 (1)

The Conte Leopardi labels are available also in US. In fact, they are sold in New York, Connecticut, Illinois, California, Virginia, Texas, Colorado and Florida. Finally I will be able to invite my American friends for an aperitif time with an accent from Le Marche!

Olive ripiene allAscolana Ice Chef(1) (1)

Big thanks to Lidia and Piervittoro for this unforgettable experience!

Please find out more about the Conte Leopardi by linking to their official website (English version available): here!


41 thoughts on “Conte Leopardi: when wine and territory become one passion!

  1. Beautiful countryside and shoreline. I see the olives from your recipe that I still need to try. Good wine, bread and olive oil seems like quite a wonderful spread in themselves. 🙂

  2. Yes, I love wine. I am still waiting for the promise of someone two thousand years ago to change water into wine.
    Chianti is my daily joy, as long as it is wet and swirls around the mouth. The nectar of the Gods.

    • LOL! I can see you’re really a serious wine-lover.
      That was definitely the most poetical comment I’ve read so far!:-)
      Grazie Gerard for stopping by my blog…and enjoy reading about a very special wine from my region: Le Marche.
      By the way, also Martin Luther agreed on that: “Beer is made by men, wine by God.” ― Martin Luther

  3. Love the pics !! Useful info . I have this grand plan that once I finish reading the Decline and Fall of Rome , I need to spend two weeks in Italy but looking at your pics , I suspect I need to spend more

    • Thanks for stopping by! For sure: the longer, the better since there are so many things to visit here. Especially if you’d like to visit different areas in Italy.
      Please don’t forget to keep Le Marche on top of your travel wish list:-) I’m sure you’ll find it interesting in so many ways!

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