Li Vurgacci: among waterfalls and rock monsters

Dear friends today I’ll talk about a trip made by a dear friend of mine, Monia, who lives in Le Marche. I received an email from her last week and I decided to share it directly with you and let you know about another wonder of my region, the so-called: “Li Vurgacci”!

Ciao Isa, come stai? I’m writing to give you a hint to your blog. Last week Barbara arrived to Italy  (another dear Italian friend of ours who currently lives in Chicago). After seeing her again, we planned a day out together, as we used to do in the good old days.

A few days before, the parents of the little girlfriend of my son, had told me about a village called Pioraco, in the province of Macerata, where you can hike to a place called “Li Vurgacci”.

I never heard about this place before, so I googled it. Barbara and I agreed on visiting it together with my husband and our little kids.

Believe me, you absolutely have to write about this place on Discovermarche!

Backpacks on and much enthusiasm, we started our climb.

Here's our hiking team: Devis, Tommy, Sofia, Monia and Barbara

Here’s our hiking team: Devis, Tommy, Sofia, Monia and Barbara

The trail is accessible by anyone, even those who are not used to hike (…like myself!). However, the climbing is not walkable during the winter time, since the path runs along the mountain. So Isa, you need to hurry!:-)


You’ll be surrounded in nature immediately: green trees alternate to rocks and beautiful mountains become the backdrop of the whole hiking. 13887086_10153998059613645_5840356793379339305_nWalking up the path you can appreciate the beauty of the village of Pioraco and, with the excuse of the kids we stopped a few times and enjoyed the breathtaking views.

The village of Pioraco can be seen from above during the hiking

The village of Pioraco can be seen from above during the hiking

Moving on, the path becomes more difficult but the humidity from the bush makes it easier to hike.13754505_10153997894953645_6366540716785703449_n

When the road starts going down, you’ll finally see the Potenza river…

Sofia and Tommy happy as soon as they saw the river...almost arrived!

Sofia and Tommy were so happy as they were finally able to see the river…almost arrived!

…and then you get to an unreal forest were faces are carved on stones covered in moss. Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by a fabulous atmosphere, in an enchanting location.

One of the many creatures carved in the rocks...

One of the many creatures carved in the rocks…

...they were carved last century by the artist Antonio Ciccarelli...

…they had been engraved by the artist Antonio Ciccarelli about one century ago…

...these monster faces are engraved in the travertine rocks...

…all monster faces are engraved in the travertine rocks…

...and are most commonly known as "Li Vurgacci!"

…and are most commonly known as “Li Vurgacci!”

After taking pictures of this magical place, we decided to take a break and refresh in the river. 13900118_10210142402262276_5856177238970739096_nIts water is cold but it is impossible to resist from diving into it!13729129_10153997895138645_6727585861098377826_n
After a long and refreshing stop, we left and aimed to walk to the old paper mill in Pioraco, crossing bridges and wooden walkways.13131091_1064415760299464_6227942630682136930_oIn general, this is a noncommittal hike, and we really enjoyed it.  Dear Isa, I really hope this short email will make you curious enough to bring you to this beautiful and unique place next time you are to Italy and Le Marche”14051686_10208661809737011_4837044353416478114_n14054908_10207138357608288_4059390925865695981_n

Well, a new place called “Li Vurgacci” has just been added to my long travel wish-list!13466055_10206782895590999_3235328688038399460_n

“And you: what do you think? Has my Italian bestie Monia aroused your curiosity toward Li Vurgacci?”

Thanks Monia & Barbara for sharing such a lovely day trip and pics with Discovermarche!

64 thoughts on “Li Vurgacci: among waterfalls and rock monsters

    • Totally. Italy is such a small country, but it has so many different shades.
      From the North to the South passing through the Center of Italy (…and here, you’ve got to absolutely stop in Le Marche)…you’ll have multiple experience and not a place will look the same. Try it to believe it!

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    • Absolutely and you’re very welcome!
      I agree, the stone faces in the middle of the hiking look like a sort of reward for the effort in getting there. Definitely a beautiful and unexpected surprise!:-)

  2. Hi,
    I love traveling and do it often.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a writing tip or two. That’s what I write about.

    • Hi Janice,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love travelling, too.
      I do write a blog for passion and to share info about my beautiful region with people who haven’t had the chance to travel and visit it, yet.
      I’ve just subscribed to your blog now, cause I hope I will learn more tips on writing from a guru like you:-)
      Thanks a lot! Grazie mille:-)

  3. Oh what a wonderful blog. I wondered what had happened to you but it would appear I didn’t get any notifications about your blogs so I thought you had been quiet. I love this one. Its a truly magical place to visit. Is it in the North/South? I would so like to walk that path…..
    I went to Italy this summer and fell in love with it all over again. ( last time was 1978!) We stayed on the coast near to, but not in, Bordighera and each night would walk up to the little village at the top of the cliff and eat outside, next to the huge Church. Streets had not changed for years. It was the Italy I had been seeking. Now your blog makes me want to go again and do your walk….. so please let me know where it is near. So I can visit. Thank you so much

    • Ciao Jackie,
      come stai? So happy to hear about you!
      I’m really glad you enjoyed your time in Italy. Did you just stay in the North, in Liguria region? That’s really wonderful. And it sounds like you had a very good time there. I can imagine…
      The place I wrote in this post is in Le Marche region, in the Center of Italy on the East coast.
      I was born in this area in Italy and that’s why I only focus on it in all my posts.
      So basically, if you haven’t visited Le Marche yet, please do it next time you plan to travel to Italy!
      I’m sure you will love it!
      You’ll find the sea, the hills and the mountains all in one region. Beautiful old villages with romantic views and walks. A lot of history and cultural sites and…amazing food and wines!
      Keep me posted on your next travel to Italy:-)

      • We went to Bordhera…near French/Italian Border. I loved the way the town is in two parts. One on the coast, not very inspring but also a beautiful old settlement at the top of the hill, little alleyways from hundreds of years ago. Surrounding the local Church. I hadn’t been there for 40 years and guess what – it didn’t change a bit which was wonderful
        I loved your blog on the walk and the waterfall. I will certainly try to visit. Hope to visit Roma in November to see a friend

      • Thanks Jackie. You can feel how much you enjoyed your travel to Italy even from your lovely comment.
        Rome is just two hours drive from Le Marche (going east towards the Adriatic Sea coast). I really hope you’ll be back to Italy in November and maybe, if you have some extra time, you may want to visit Le Marche, too!:-)

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