Genga the city of nature wonders


The Genga territory boasts a large number of breathtaking natural attractions.

It lays in an area close to the Apennines mountains, in a landscape made up of hills and hollows, covered by natural vegetation of the woods.

The mountains are all easily accessible with guided tours from natural tracks and routes designed in a paper trail. Genga is an important and thrilling destination.GrottediFrasassi-Candeline

Here are the famous “Frassassi Caves”, one of the largest and most fascinating subterranean routes in the world. A scenery rich in carved stalactites and stalagmites, small lakes of crystal-clear water and subjective alabaster spears.

The majestic access of the Frasassi Caves hosts the hermitage of “Santa Maria Infra Saxa”, mentioned in documents from 1029. The building made of stone has its interior partly dug into the rock.

Nearby stands the Temple of Valadier, an octagonal structure in white blocks of travertine erected in 1828 by Pope…

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12 thoughts on “Genga the city of nature wonders

  1. What magical caves and so bright inside! They remind me of the caves we visited on a family holiday when I was a child, in Cornwall (England). It was amazing seeing the stalactites and stalagmites, the sparkling stone and the secret tunnels. 🙂

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