Lame Rosse: the Monument Valley of Le Marche!

Dear friends,  I thought a lot before writing today’s post about a hike I had back in August. The reason of my sadness is that this area is currently closed to the public due to the recent terrible earthquake. This still make me feel very sad. Nevertheless, I want to remember this area the way it was and I feel lucky I had the chance to visit it in person before the tragic event on August 24, 2016.

Actually, I wanted to visit the so called “Lame Rosse” close to the town of Fiastra for long. The photos of the area I looked up online reminded me of the scenic splendor of the Monument Valley in the US.

So, back to that day and after parking my car, I was ready and so excited to start hiking! However, the unexpected landscape I was sorrounded by totally blew my mind: the Lake of Fiastra in the middle and the colors of the Sibillini Mountains all around…what a unique beauty!

View of the Lake of Fiastra from the top

View of the Lake of Fiastra from the top

I didn’t want to move away from that outstanding view and from a silence that makes you enjoy it even more. I would have stayed there for hours just to feel the breeze and to take pictures from every angle. But the path that leads to the natural monument is long and so I rushed a bit.13716117_10153974939028645_6921364440043044391_nSoon after the climb begins there is not that much view. The path is quite shady and dense vegetation provides a nice coolness. The way looks like this for a while, with shrubs on both sides blocking the view. The hike could be a bit strenuous for the average person. It is not a leisurely stroll. Howver, it is so well worth it!13754680_10153974939043645_349976048695996285_n

After about an hour and a half I finally came upon these giant red rocks, reminiscent of the southwest US, but here so very out of place. The so called “Lame Rosse” (aka: Red Blades) is a not to be missed natural masterpiece. The accumulation of stratified rock with no surface show their their main mineral constituents.13775399_10153974939273645_3322083385829474822_n13731447_10153974939378645_8493309178942023358_n

Their unusual and unique shape, is due to the long and slow wind erosion over a period of millions of years and during the many stages of freezing and thawing of the mountain. Lame Rosse is characterized by gravel held together by clay, thanks to erosion of atmospheric phenomena has given rise to these pinnacles and figures of all kind. I was there during the daytime, however at dawn and dusk the sandstone turns on a reddish color.


13765975_10153974939598645_228904292573917968_oAfter resting a bit and having a snack, I walked all the way back to my car and drove to the Lake of Fiastra, that totally blew me out earlier that day. Its shores and particularly clear waters surrounded by mountains truly offer picture-postcard views.13754299_10153974940163645_192558288739198200_n

We are all used to hearing about other Italian lakes and you do not expect to be overwhelmed by the sight of this lake located in Le Marche.13697086_10153974940063645_9041257541190452206_n

Even if the lake of Fiastra is not so popular, its incredible blue brings out the colors of the nature that surrounds it. I stayed there until sunset to enjoy the the charm of this wonderful natural gem!13710043_10153974941553645_2567810120587565872_n


52 thoughts on “Lame Rosse: the Monument Valley of Le Marche!

  1. How did I miss this? Such stunning views. I’m so sorry for the earthquake and all the damage it caused–not to mention all the human suffering because of it. But thank you for posting this, especially those spectacular pictures of the lake.

    • Susan,
      Thank you very much for your comment and heartfelt thought!
      Yes, you’re right. Other seismic waves followed the previous one recently.
      It’s very sad. Luckly people were not injured this time, but old towns have had permanent damages…

    • Sha’Tara,
      grazie mille – Thank You very much.
      Kayaking is a great idea: it’s a lot of fun and after that you can just lay and relax on the lake shore, enjoyining the amazing view all around.

  2. Such beautiful photos! Your hiking day must have been so rewarding to the senses. I was thinking of you after hearing of the terrible earthquakes recently. Hope your family were not close to the area affected, and were all safe.

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