Nuova Simonelli: science and technologie developing the coffee world

There are habits in our lives that we do not want to lose. While living in New York, I decided I did not want to give up on the morning’s coffee smell of my Italian moka pot.moka_crema1

I grew up with this aroma, that used to wake me up every morning before going to school, when my mom made breakfast for me and my siblings. I kept having my morning-coffee-routine every day when I was studying at university, and, even on days when I was late and had to rush, I could miss anything but not my coffee.morning-819362_1280

I believe coffee is a true lifestyle. At least for

Besides being one of the product for which Italy is well-known in the world, it is also and without a doubt, one of the most reproduced product, revised and brought in many different ways, everywhere.

Everyone knows that the largest producer of coffee in the world is Brazil. But most coffee lovers do not know that one of the leading companies that produces espresso machines and exports them all over the world, is located in Le Marche,

I’m talking about the Nuova Simonelli, an Italian company based in the town Belforte del Chienti, (in the province of Macerata) with experience and tradition going back to 1936, when founder Orlando Simonelli made his first espresso machine, which he named “1936”, after the year of manufacture.1936_simonelli

This was already an innovative machine for that time, and technically at the forefront of its kind. Since then, we have been witnessing the rise of this extraordinary company which, building upon the tradition of the ancient craftsmen and following the consolidation of its presence on export markets, in 1993 Nuova Simonelli sets up its own USA Division located in Ferndale, in the State of Washington.sdsd

Today Nuova Simonelli operates in 109 countries around the world, exporting 82% of all production. In addition to branches in America and sales offices in Canada, China, France and Spain, the network’s commercial Nuova Simonelli has over 800 dealers located in every continent, who are able to respond rapidly to any operator worldwide.534838_10150851741077236_836922226_n

Nuova Simonelli stands out also for its social commitment that supports the entire coffee supply chain worldwide. In fact, Simonelli Group is now cooperating on an important project with the University of Camerino (Unicam), one of the oldest in Europe that conducts important scientific research.hub

Last June the “International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation” opened and is now responsible for implementing specific research activities through its internal structure, supported by collaboration with international research centres. To this end, the Scientific Committee will look for international collaboration with centres that boast the best knowledge and skills in the specific subject to establish scientific teams with expertise.14022195_10154481428567236_6902225571589145634_n

The International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation is open to other partners, from the scientific world and business, who are interested in sharing goals and research, or to make new acquaintances and experiences in the various parts of the coffee production chain, in particular for selecting blends and for roasting. Simonelli Group is overseeing the creation of a dedicated structure complete with laboratory, which will act as a ‘branch’ of the University of Camerino for the project. It will be equipped with appropriate equipment and will be the operational headquarters for all the staff, researchers and graduate students, so they can carry out their activities in university laboratories and in the company.

International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation main activities revolve around the concepts of ‘research’, ‘knowledge’, ‘experience’, ‘authority’, and ‘innovation’. 941825_10151613577187236_605814740_n

I am truly honored by the partnership that Nuova Simonelli has granted us. And I’m excited to be able to report to my American friends, how rich is my land not only in art and history, but also in other excellence to envy!

You can follow the latest news about the Nuova Simonelli by clicking: here as well as on all socials1982351_10152243990677236_1480022398_n



31 thoughts on “Nuova Simonelli: science and technologie developing the coffee world

  1. We’re in the process of purchasing a new coffee maker and your blog came at the perfect time. Both my husband and I are particular about our coffee. This is a very informative blog.

  2. I grew up with the aroma of coffee made in a pot similar to the one in your first image. How I loved the smell. My parents drank coffee, freshly ground; however, I always found it too strong. It’s only been the past few years I’ve enjoyed the occasional coffee and, most times, I’ve found it to my liking – not too strong. You would probably think it sacrilege, but I drink decaffeinated coffee at home (very weak) and really enjoy that too.

    • Carolyn,
      thanks for sharing your experience. I think everybody is different about coffee. It is such a special drink. The origin of the beans, the blend, the way you grind it, the aroma, the color, the way you can make a cup of coffee: there are so many different combinations all over the world and you really have to find what is the best for you!

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