Acqualagna: the world capital of truffles

This year the National Fair of the White Truffle of Acqualagna just opened its 51st edition.
The fair started last weekend and will go on over this and the next weekend, as well.
For more information please visit the official website of the Fair at:
Not to be missed if you happen to be around!!!


Truffles from Acqualagna, in the Marche Truffles from Acqualagna, in the Marche

I go mad for dishes with the truffles!

Unfortunately in New York I do not have much chance to eat them that often. Truffles are not so easy to find and, above all, they’re really expensive. That’s why after landing in Italy a few days ago, I took the chance to visit the National Fair of the White Truffle of Acqualagna in the Marche.

Panoramic view of Acqualagna Panoramic view of Acqualagna

However, what I am about to share with you, my dear friends, was a rather shocking revelation to me. How many times have you bought the truffle sauce or the truffle oil? When I was still living in Italy, I used to buy these ingredients pretty often. Flavoring eggs or pasta with the truffle oil was almost like celebrating some positive event in life.

When talking about the flavor we’re often referring to the scent released by the…

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17 thoughts on “Acqualagna: the world capital of truffles

  1. Fascinating. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a truffle. I always thought they were cute little furry creatures with big eyes and tufted ears that live in fairy houses at the bottom of trees and take care of wounded birds. I guess not 😀

      • Some of the best Moules I had this summer were in a little mountain village overlooking the Med. That with some rose wine and a warm evening… I had died and gone to heaven.

        Love the music

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