Salumificio Mezzaluna: the tradition of Le Marche for over 50 years

Before leaving for New York, I decided to host a dinner to have the chance to say goodbye to some of my closest friends.

My ‘menu’ included the traditional appetizer “Italian cold cuts”, a simple dish to prepare, but always very appreciated and tasty.

Dalmo, Barbara’s father, our friend who lives in Chicago, advised me to go to Fermo to shop at the salami factory “Salumificio Mezzaluna”. In fact, this is one of the most well-known for the quality and authenticity of their products.10497060_1658662634370937_3850512196388414305_o

The "Salumificio Mezzaluna" is located in Fermo.

The “Salumificio Mezzaluna” is located in Fermo

And there, I met Paola, who welcomed me with great warmth and extreme kindness and while advising what to offer to my guests, she starting telling me about the story of their company:

Paola, owner of the historical family-run salami factory Mezzaluna

Paola, owner of the historical family-run salami factory Mezzaluna

“Early in the 60’s, Nerino Mezzaluna, our father, decided to realize his business idea: let his domestic farming grow and start selling the meat of his pigs to local customers. It was a small family farm, the work was typically seasonal, and it was done only during the winter time because there was no cold storage to keep the meat fresh at that time. At the beginning of the 70s, the farm was transformed into an artisan company, the salami factory was enlarged and equipped with refrigerators and modern and more efficient seasoning rooms. Also with the hiring of employees (initially only three), the “family” (this is the way my father used to call the overall business of the company) became bigger and increased in their the production at the same time.salame Our mission for the future is to maintain and improve more and more our cold cuts, to increase the quality and safety standards, with particular attention to the protection of animal welfare, and to continue to make niche products. This is our mission for the future and we want to keep doing it with passion and dedications we always did so far.”13669249_1849781725259026_2346228424176095896_o

As I laying the ham, salami, pork loin and ciauscolo (a traditional sausage made in Le Marche, which is actually perfect to spread on bread, toasted bread and bruschetta) into each dish for dinner, I realized how much I miss all these smells from my land.

The ciauscolo:a  traditional spreadable salami made in Le Marche

The ciauscolo:a traditional spreadable salami made in Le Marche

The strong and uplifting scent of ciauscolo and salami, brought to my mind the many snacks that my mother made my brothers and I.

I must confess: I could not resist the combination “fresh bread and cold cuts” and, right before dinner, I was already full. You know: once you start, you can’t stop…14199533_1873111429592722_8757129388395242794_nBuon Appetito!


Special thanks to Salumificio Mezzaluna for the wonderful welcome!

For more information on their production, please visit their website at:


27 thoughts on “Salumificio Mezzaluna: the tradition of Le Marche for over 50 years

    • Thank you so much Jackie!
      Many traditions have been handed down from generation to generation in Italian many families. Particularly when it comes to food, it is really something we really believe in a lot.
      So happy you enjoyed this post:-)

      • There is something about Italians and the way they cook. Its a great way to bring everyone together. If you think of family, I think most people think Italian way. When I went to Italy this summer, I truly fell in love with it all over again.

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