Neo and Discovermarche

Our friend Neo Kook, just visited us from South Korea. This time he stayed in Le Marche for two weeks and so I had the chance to spend some time with him. That was very important for me because it revived the desire to convey to my friends readers how special is the land I come from and how hospitable the people are.

Neo back in Le Marche and visiting the old town of Offida

Neo back in Le Marche and visiting the old town of Offida

Every time I go back to Italy, I realize that the big City that welcomed me, sometimes softens with its lights, colors and sounds, the taste and the smell of my homeland. Suddenly I remember the charm of the landscape in Le Marche, and its historical and cultural treasures. But most importantly: the warmth of people and their friendly and welcoming attitude.20161102_153208

The owners of local business as well as people living in touristic areas treat their guests not just as customers but as real good friends to cuddle and to take care of on every tier.20161102_163821-2

In Le Marche the romantic vision of the land that offers its fruits to work with passion is still alive.

Visiting an olive oil factory in Spinetoli

Visiting an olive oil factory in Spinetoli

Listening to Barbara Marcozzi (one of the owners at the family-run business of Antica Pasta) while she explains how much carefulness it takes to follow all the different steps in the making and production of their pasta is really inspiring. Noticing the pride in her eyes when she talks about the product they offer their customers. Her self-confidence as she knows how much effort and excellence it takes to get to the final result, in terms of accurate workmanship and of the highest quality of the raw materials. All that makes me feel proud and nourishes the desire to share to the world how much experience and passion our craftsmen carry out their tasks.

Barbara and Neo

Barbara and Neo

I realized Neo has many more friends than I could imagine, although most of them do not even speak English and he is not yet so good at communicating in Italian.

"Aperitivo time" with friends: Monia and Neo

“Aperitivo time” with friends: Monia and Neo

Neo thanked me very much for the help and support with the language I provided and for the company we had together. However, it is me who have to thank him openly for the opportunity to remind me of the goal of Discovermarche.20161102_172038-2

The passion that binds me to my land is stronger and more alive than ever.

“Neo, Discovermarche wish you a good time in Le Marche!”



40 thoughts on “Neo and Discovermarche

  1. Marche is moving up the list of places to visit faster and faster thanks to you. My mother in law’s family was from Marche and her good friend’s last name was Marcozzi. This Marcozzi family were bakers in Bristol, PA

  2. What a wonderful post. Thank you for the follow. It gave me the opportunity to find your fascinating blog. Italy and Korea? I need to explore your entries. I am intrigued.

  3. Sweet! What a lovely description of the warmth and openness of you “family” in Marche! Sometimes looking at our world through another’s eyes is the greatest reminder of how truly blessed we are.❤️

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