Fabrica Del Gusto: ‘Chef…Master’ in Fabriano!

I want to bring you back to this post of some time ago to remind you that the cooking classes at ‘Fabrica del Gusto’ in Fabriano are still going on!
Remember: Master Chefs are made…not born!
The proof is in the pudding:-)


10694451_1648963445330558_8483444268973980224_oWhile we were visiting the beautiful city of Fabriano, we heard great things about a new cooking school recently opened by two Italian food bloggers. Their success is clear: thanks to the special attention to the environment and local traditions.“Clean eating classes” are becoming more and more popular in the United States. They are based on teaching people how to eat ‘clean’ and healthy.

Discovermarchevisited Fabrica del Gusto to find out how this innovative school teaches the diet principles of the Marche region.

“The name Fabrica*, with one B only, has been choosed in honor of Fabriano”. With this statement Donatella and Silvia welcome us to Fabrica del Gusto and here begins the story of their adventure.

Donatella and Silvia Donatella and Silvia

The two friends shared a passion for food and local tradition. So one day, while drinking an espresso coffe together, they started talking about their dream of…

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