OPEN CELLARS: Saturday and Sunday, May 30-31, 2015

Just a reminder about the “OPEN CELLARS 2017” this weekend!
If you have the chance don’t miss this amazing event or…you will regret!:-)


Our friends in New York always ask about our home country: Italy is in the heart of Americans. I always feel very proud when they refer to our country not only as a territory rich in natural beauty, but also with an important heritage in history and culture, lifestyle, shopping and gastronomy.

Tourism has undergone an evolution and transformation in recent decades and travellers are more interested in experiencing the reality and the local traditions of the places they are visiting. Therefore, the food and wine industries have become more so important in order to communicate culture and tradition.


The popularity of Italian cuisine combined with the success of the wine industry (which has seen a significant growth in foreign exports), has greatly increased the demand for wine routes. The cellars are not only seen as places where wine is produced, but they take on an educational role combining the…

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