Celebrating the Italian Ferragosto with a glass of wine from Santa Liberata vineyards!

If you are in Italy today, most probably you would escape the heat at the seaside, lakes or mountains. If you’d stay at home you will have a huge family party or enjoining the company of many friends. You’d probably make many toasts, watch a lot of fireworks and eventually attend a traditional Palio horse race in one of the many old towns around Italy.

Today is August 15th, not just another ordinary summer day, but THE summer day that everybody has been waiting for! Today is the “Ferragosto,  literally the ‘hottest’ holiday in Italy! So whatever you’ll be up to, just make sure to celebrate and have fun from day to night!

Talking about celebration and tradition in Italy, you’ll certainly have to raise your glass to toast and say “CinCin” at some point. That’s a sure thing.

As you know,  you’ll  have a wide choice of  great wine in Le Marche, thanks to excellent vineyards and their  amazing families who run the business generation after generation.

Today, in observance to the Italian Ferragosto holiday, I’d like to share with you the story of an amazing vineyard in Le Marche: the Santa Liberata vineyard and their Savini Family.

Please enjoy this interesting post from the WineLoversPage blog by our dear friend Neil Duarte and  let’s start celebrating! Cheers!

More info about the Santa Liberata vineyard, their family, their wines, estate and cellar, their wine tasting experience and much more…here!


15 thoughts on “Celebrating the Italian Ferragosto with a glass of wine from Santa Liberata vineyards!

  1. I didn’t attend; however, the Ferragosto Festival in Sydney, Australia must have been a wonderful day. The images I’ve seen of the festivities, food, drink, dance and general merriment must have been such a pleasure for those who attended. I can only imagine how much grander it could have been in Italy! 🙂

    • Ciao Carolyn,

      I was not aware of a Ferragosto Festival in Sydney. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve just checked it out and that looks so much fun, too.
      It’s so true you never stop learning new things:-)

    • Hi Alys,
      No, I’ve never been there. Thanks for the advice: will keep it in mind for the next Ferragosto!:-)
      And, of course, you’re welcome! Love to follow your Englishwoman experience in Italy.

  2. Hello, discovermarche. I see you on my blog quite often. So glad I followed the “crumbs” to come visit you today. I am marking your follow, so perhaps I will see you here more often:D

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