Officina del Sole…I wish I could invite Monet for breakfast in Montegiorgio

It happens very often that when you think about travelling you actually refer to far away destinations and, particularly, places that are unusual. So, you end up missing places that are closer by, but still worth a visit that you may keep skipping just because of the fact they are easier to reach, hence you think you can always see them in the future. However, the reality is that most of time that ‘future’ never comes. Do you believe me if I tell you that I’ve never been to Sicily? Or to Matera? Myself, who now lives in the Big Apple! I know it might sound unbelievable! But that is actually true…unfortunately.
So, even in my homeland, Le Marche, there are places of beauty beyond words, which I didn’t know know about. Little-known wonders that tourists appreciate and really look forward to visiting.
It happened to me recently, when I returned to Montegiorgio, a small town I had already talked about a while ago because of its invaluable importance for international studies on the Mediterranean diet. A town where quality of life is very good.
What I didn’t do before, was telling you about the hills and the countryside surrounding Montegiorgio, simply because…I never visited it, even when I was living just half-an-hour- drive away.

During my last stay in Italy, I was invited to spend a day at the Officina del Sole (, a facility located on the hill of Monte Milone.
Surrounded by a set of colors that vary depending on the season and whose beauty reminds me of Impressionist paintings, the manor house is set among rows of vines, fruit trees and olive groves, which gives you the feeling of an unexpected concept of art. Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 22.52.43.png
42-hectares (103 acres) of pure beauty in an oasis that will completely blow you away. I felt like suddenly it was just me and that breath-taking panorama: brushstrokes of warm colors melted to create hypnotic and relaxing combinations.
Monet, would have been surely fascinated by the beauty that this place offers.Officina del Sole 2
Walking through the paths that connect the 25 suites you start feeling like you become part of the landscape. It’s something like the overflowing feeling that you have when staring of front of an art masterpiece. As if a connection was created with what one you are cherishing.Officina del SoleHere the ingredients are grown directly from their garden and only seasonal products of the land are used in the kitchen. These are ingredients of the farming tradition skilfully combined and adapted to modernity to recall the tastes of old times.Ristorante 2 - Officina del Sole

The splendor of the panorama influences the presentation of the dishes whose view reminds of true works of art! It was impossible for me to resist even to deserts, that I literally was craving for just by looking at them and before delighting my taste.

10513066-c351-4f10-8c56-c3e049f21371.pngRistorante - Officina del SoleI want to thank Beatrice Bellegia not only for the invitation to Officina del Sole but, most of all, for the dedication to her work no matter what the challenges are and for her ability to always “Dream Big”. An example to follow!

For more information please visit the official Officina del Sole website at: padronale - Officina del SoleRistorante 4 - Officina del Sole.jpg


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