Torre di Palme: one of the most beautiful (and romantic) village in Italy

Despite its small dimensions, Torre di Palme is traditionally included amongst the most beautiful villages in Italy. The village is well preserved and stands out for the beautiful surrounding landscape, the attention to detail and its buildings of great artistic and architectural value, making it one of the most interesting historical centers of the entire Le Marche region.

The tiny village of Torre di Palme on top of a hill overlooking the Adriatic Sea

To me, Torre di Palme is a very special place: in Via Piave, the main street of the village, I had my first kiss. Enchanted by the narrow streets and alleys of the old town, fascinated by the medieval atmosphere, I fell in love with my first boyfriend.

It’s easy to fall in love with…Torre di Palme:-)

As I was walking with him, hand in hand, I still remember him telling about the tragic story of young Antonio and Laurina, which I had never heard about before.

I remember I was deeply moved by that story and and at the same time, once we arrived in Piazza Lattanzi, I was stunned by the amazing view.

View on the hills from one side of Piazza Lattanzi

Stunning view by day…

…and incredibly romantic lights by night

I learned that during the colonial war in Libya, in 1911, a young man of the place, Antonio, came home for a short leave, but deeply in love with her Laurina, decided to desert, fleeing with his beloved. The lovers fled in the Cugnòlo Groove (this floral area has become protected by Le Marche region and meticulously looked after by volunteers of the CAI. The Cugnolo preserves the typical species of the Mediterranean scrub such as ancient oaks, pines, junipers, oleanders and arbutus. The fauna is very varied and characterised by bee-eaters, orioles, badgers and foxes. This area is ideal for hikers). There they found shelter in the so called “Lovers Cave” (a natural cavity carved into the sandstone rock) where lived their love adventure, eating bread and sardines, thanks to the approval of the fishermen.

The Lovers’ Cave

After a few days, the two lovers, feeling hunted, they moved to the nearby church. Devoured by remorse and not willing to part with, they chose death and threw themselves into the void from Fosso di San Filippo, tied together with shawl Laurina. The flight of about 70 meters, was fatal to both.

Today I was back for a walk through the narrow streets of this charming village and to enjoy the stunning views of this beautiful gem.As always, just after walking around the romantic, tiny and amazing Torre di Plame, I felt upset by the emotion of the memories.

Dear friends, in today’s society “Antonio” would be considered totally foolish. So, my question for you is: couldn’t he be considered like a true missing hero nowadays?