Fabrica Del Gusto: ‘Chef…Master’ in Fabriano!

10694451_1648963445330558_8483444268973980224_oWhile we were visiting the beautiful city of Fabriano, we heard great things about a new cooking school recently opened by two Italian food bloggers. Their success is clear: thanks to the special attention to the environment and local traditions. “Clean eating classes” are becoming more and more popular in the United States. They are based on teaching people how to eat ‘clean’ and healthy.

Discovermarche visited Fabrica del Gusto to find out how this innovative school teaches the diet principles of the Marche region.

“The name Fabrica*, with one B only, has been choosed in honor of Fabriano”. With this statement Donatella and Silvia welcome us to Fabrica del Gusto and here begins the story of their adventure.

Donatella and Silvia

Donatella and Silvia

The two friends shared a passion for food and local tradition. So one day, while drinking an espresso coffe together, they started talking about their dream of opening a cooking school. The decision was taken quickly! These two bold and determined ladies did not hesitate to quit their jobs to pursue their dreams and turn them into their new real career. “Fabrica del Gusto” was born thanks to their powerfull will of opening the first cooking school in Fabriano. The lab offers a very unique experience to their students: professional and ‘homestyle’, at the same time.

The project of Fabrica del Gusto

The project of Fabrica del Gusto

The school has been thought out down to the smallest detail. In fact, each student can cook in their own workstation (which is, by the way, custom-made by a “kilometer zero” carpenter) and the lab is equipped with a screen projector, from where everybody can watch their teacher. 10978690_1680696865490549_2973280986889739986_n10943892_1678954542331448_7796030855910414462_nMeals are prepared by using “household” appliances, so that you will be able to easily reproduce the recipe at your own home.

10838033_1648966661996903_2989141972050538441_o1510556_1648964938663742_2119990877209886944_n10655462_1648965011997068_5553698578106191114_oClasses are addressed both to amateurs who are starting to learn about cooking and more experienced people interested in learning specific techniques or discover new products, especially the local ones. banner_immagini_scuoladicucina2There are also classes focused on specific meals for diseases-allergies-intolerance (like celiac disease, diabetes, etc.) which are supported by medical staff. And even creative cooking workshops for children of all ages.

Events calendar: there's something to suit everybody's fancy!

Events calendar: there’s something to suit everybody’s fancy!

There are also classes focused on special recipe like: bread, seafood, pizza, risotto, homemade pasta and many others…

10430472_1688573074702928_17494045304722369_n10683720_1676454399248129_2515503778480492389_o10828038_1679666638926905_4752572383412729837_oGood job ladies! Really a cooking school worthy of Chef…Master!!!

And so, dear friends, it’s now time for our class: Donatella and Silvia are going to teach us a typical recipe of the Marche region called, the “Pincinelle”. Follow us and…”Discover” this delicious dish in our upcoming post! Don’t miss it!

Very special thanks to Silvia and Donatella for welcoming us into their ‘kitchen’.

Also visit the official website to find out more at: http://www.fabricadelgusto.it or follow Fabbrica del Gusto on Facebook!

*”FaBBrica” with double B is the correct spelling in Italian and means “laboratory/factory”