The Colors of Sirolo Make Me Happy

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Celebrating the Italian Ferragosto with a glass of wine from Santa Liberata vineyards!

If you are in Italy today, most probably you would escape the heat at the seaside, lakes or mountains. If you’d stay at home you will have a huge family party or enjoining the company of many friends. You’d probably make many toasts, watch a lot of fireworks and eventually attend a traditional Palio horse race in one of the many old towns around Italy.

Today is August 15th, not just another ordinary summer day, but THE summer day that everybody has been waiting for! Today is the “Ferragosto,  literally the ‘hottest’ holiday in Italy! So whatever you’ll be up to, just make sure to celebrate and have fun from day to night!

Talking about celebration and tradition in Italy, you’ll certainly have to raise your glass to toast and say “CinCin” at some point. That’s a sure thing.

As you know,  you’ll  have a wide choice of  great wine in Le Marche, thanks to excellent vineyards and their  amazing families who run the business generation after generation.

Today, in observance to the Italian Ferragosto holiday, I’d like to share with you the story of an amazing vineyard in Le Marche: the Santa Liberata vineyard and their Savini Family.

Please enjoy this interesting post from the WineLoversPage blog by our dear friend Neil Duarte and  let’s start celebrating! Cheers!

More info about the Santa Liberata vineyard, their family, their wines, estate and cellar, their wine tasting experience and much more…here!

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Le Marche This Summer!

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The Costarella in Numana

Inside the beautiful Rossi Theater

Panoramic view of the Conero’s Riviera

Veggie ‘Carbonara’ pasta
Photo credit: Il Carciofo di Montelupone

Casa Agostinelli: a place where taste and tradition of Le Marche region welcome their guests in a true “Farmily”!

How strange life is! I’m going to tell you about a surprising place in Le Marche, that I was able to discover thanks to some dear friends from Texas, Terry and Neil.

The Duartes have just come back from a travel in Le Marche and Terry, knowing that I would myself have been back to Italy soon, advised a visit to Montemarciano.

Here’s what she wrote to me:

“I know the charm of the hills in Montemarciano, a town that gives a wonderful view of the Adriatic Sea, as well as the extraordinary landscape of the Apennines and Monte San Vito.”

…and so, I visited the Agostinellis!

I cannot tell you what I was most impressed with by this delightful family the other day.

Probably the taste of homemade ‘tagliatelle’ pasta, the same recipe my grandmother used to make every Sunday when my family got together. Then we used to spend all the day chatting and telling how life was going.

Or maybe something about the warm hospitality with which Dilva and Giancarlo welcome their guests. Or,  even the extraordinary feeling of spending a few hours as we used to do long ago.

Dilva is making her homemade traditional ‘tagliatelle’ with Terry

Giancarlo and the harvesting of garlic

“Buon Appetito!”

I have no doubt: besides the quietness and the beauty of the scenery surrounding “Casa Agostinelli” (aka, Agostinellis’ Home), besides the authentic taste of meals, it is the vibe you breath here that struck me most!

I felt like being back to the old days, when spending quality time together while sharing thoughts and opinions was one of the most enjoyable time! 

Today my thanks go to the Duartes for the great advice and to the Agostinellis, who made me realise that certain values still exist.

If you’re also missing the simplicity of old times, then get in touch with ‘Farmily’. Please find more information on their facebook page



Casa Agostinelli: un luogo dove gusto e tradizione delle Marche accolgono i propri ospiti come in una vera “Farmily”!

Com’ è strana la vita. Sto per raccontarvi di un luogo sorprendente che io, marchigiana autentica, ho potuto scoprire grazie ai nostri amici del Texas, Terry e Neil.

I coniugi Duarte sono appena rientrati da una vacanza italo/marchigana e Terry, sapendo che presto anche io sarei rientrata in Italia, mi ha consigliato una esperienza a Montemarciano.

Ecco cosa mi ha scritto:

“Conosco il fascino delle colline delle zone di Montemarciano, un territorio che offre il panorama meraviglioso del mare Adriatico ma anche la straordinaria visuale degli Appennini e di Monte San Vito”

E così ho fatto visita alla famiglia Agostinelli!

Non so dirvi cosa mi abbia maggiormente colpito di questo pomeriggio passato con questa deliziosa famiglia. Probabilmente il sapore delle tagliatelle fatte in casa, le stesse che faceva mia nonna la domenica, quando la mia famiglia si ritrovava con tutti i parenti e, a tavola, quando si passava la giornata, chiacchierando e raccontando come stava andando la vita. O forse la straordinaria ospitalità con la quale Dilva e Giancarlo accolgono i loro ospiti. Oppure, la straordinaria sensazione di passare qualche ora come se tutto fosse come una volta.

Dilva mentre prepara le tagliatelle fatte in casa e in compagnia di Terry

Giancarlo e la raccolta dell’aglio

Ecco, si, oltre alla quiete e alla bellezza degli scenari che circondano Casa Agostinelli, oltre al cibo dal sapore autentico, è l’atmosfera che mi ha maggiormente colpita: mi è sembrato di passare un pomeriggio “nel passato”, quando stare insieme e condividere pensieri e opinioni era ancora importante, quando ancora aveva un gran valore il tempo speso con persone genuine e autentiche.

Oggi il mio grazie va alla famiglia Duarte per l’ottimo suggerimento e alla famiglia Agostinelli per avermi ricordato che certi valori esistono ancora.

Se anche a voi manca la semplicità della vita di un tempo, contattate Farmily. Trovete maggiori informazioni sulla pagina facebook

Risorgimarche: music and solidarity in the places of the earthquake

“A shaking of the surface of the Earth, resulting from the sudden release of energy in the Earth’s lithosphere that creates seismic waves. It can range in size from those that are so weak that they cannot be felt to those violent enough to toss people around and destroy whole cities. The seismic activity of an area refers to the frequency, type and size of shaking experienced over a period of time.”

This is the definition of the word “earthquake”.
This is what happened to my land.
There are towns and villages that, once I’m back to Italy, I will not be able to see anymore since the do not exist any longer.
There are friends who live in a house that does not belong to them, because they were forced to leave their own home.
There are children who must learn too early that tragedies in life really exist, not just on TV.
There are old people who will never see the places where they were born and lived for a lifetime ever again.
There are broken dreams.
There are non-existent hopes.

And then there is “Risorgimarche”.
It is not a novelty that the Italian actor Neri Marcorè, who is originally from Le Marche region, still has a strong connection with his region. 

The Italian actor Neri Marcore’
Photo credit:

Recently, he has been the face of some commercials in support of Le Marche (check out the hilarious video below)  and now, we are happy to tell you about his project in support of this land battered by the earthquake.

Risorgimarche is an invitation to come to Le Marche and to discover a still little-known land through a series of musical concerts.
Some Italian artists like Luca Barbarossa, Fiorella Mannoia, Malika Ayane, Daniele Silvestri…and many many others, will perform in different locations tin Le Marche and make people discover our enchanting region.
Every event will start around 5pm. This timetable is designed to protect the environment, exploiting the natural light and thus preserving the places that will host these concerts.

From the first concert of Nicole’ Fabi in Spelonga, Marche, Italy on June 25th, 2017         Photo credit: Risorgimarche Facebook page

Solidarity is important, but it is even more important to give people the opportunity to resume their lives and to continue with their own strength.
Here’s the goal of Risorgimarche: to let tourists fall in love with the natural beauty of Le Marche region.
It is through the revival of the tourist flow that is the recovery.
So, thanks to all the artists that will volunteer to this project and wil offer moments of leisure for a good cause. They will attract visitors from outside of the region and let them admire the beauties of which it is rich.

Photo credit: Risorgimarche Facebook page

Thanks to all those who, by taking advantage of the free admission to these musical events, will attend and find out what Le Marche Region can offer to them.
Thanks to the organizers and above all to Neri Marcore, a talented actor who has not forgotten his origins.


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